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  The original brand “bicor” of Mizunami processing everything on its own from planning to designing, manufacturing and selling. It is the pride of Mizunami. It is impetus that spurs Mizunami to look hard at the future and challenge itself to new technology.

  Our development capabilities and manufacturing capabilities that we have cultivated in the field of industrial sewing machines. Our mass-production engineering capabilities in the automobile field. Our high-precision production engineering capabilities in the aircraft field. We are making the best use of these capabilities that we have cultivated in various fields for new manufacturing.

  Starting in the manufacture of the Home Lock in Taiwan in 1990, Mizunami aims at the diversification of overseas bases for industrial sewing machines in 2001. We have an eye on the cultivation of the international market.

  We have promoted the revolution of our awareness and the improvement of our system by introducing TPM. We have established our permanent quality control system by acquiring the ISO9000 Series Certificate. Furthermore, we are restructuring our make-up aiming at the acquisition of the ISO14000 Series Certificate so that we can further our contribution to the development of society.

  Education and training of personnel. Substantiating and refurbishing our production equipment and planning and development environment. Completing our infrastructure. Through these activities, we have strengthened our corporate foundations. We are also energetic in bringing up our affiliated companies and contributing to society by group.

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