Home Lock Sewing Machine


  This twin-needle four thread home lock machine with differential feed produces a fine finish with strong and stretchable stitches for light fabric and knits.   This single needle three-thread home lock machine is great for beginners. The color display makes threading easy.
  Home Lock246     Home Lock237  

  The differential feed on this single needle three-thread home lock machine lets you handle knits and other stretchable material with ease.   This model is loaded the needle threading and LED lamp and also available conversion to two thread, three thread and four thread. It is upper model which also considered the fine points. ( Two needle four thread overlock sewing machine with differential feed)
  Home Lock238     Home Lock 4234D  

This machine is perfect for making cut-and-sew sportswear and casual wear.
It lets you sew popular stretchable fabrics at home with ease!
Coverstitch CV100  

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    Industrial Sewing Machine

Conventional models for our twin/three needle feed-off-the-arm double chain stitchers have been upgraded with enhanced basic functions.
  Left: DA-9270 Twin needle feed-off-the-arm double chain stitcher
Right: DA-9280 Triple needle feed-off-the-arm double chain stitcher

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