OEM is the original production company of Mizunami Seiki that formed a partnership with a top-notch maker to pursue advanced technology. It is the important basic area that refers to the techniques to be improved by Mizunami Seiki.   Advanced development and technology is used to fundamentally cultivate the production of sewing machines. "bicor" is Mizunami Seiki's own brand created from that field traversing from industrial sewing machines and accessories for apparel machinery to automotive parts.


What we think important is basic reserch.
The accumulated basic reserch achievement have allowed us to challenge ourselves to new fields. Taking part in from marketing survey and planning of new products, we offer various technological proposals to our customers.


  Evaluation Examination   Development Designing
Constant temperature test
Before commercializing a product, we test the product
by simulating every possible situation of use.
We analyze the data of such tests, and reflect the results on the proposition of further improvement and efficiency.
Aiming at new products that can satisfy the needs of our customers and market, our think tank performs streamlined designing with cost, manufacturing process and product quality into consideration.

  Precision Machining   Precision Assembling
The high precision of our machining is what for which we are highly evaluated by our customers. We are furthering our high-precision machining, while promoting close relationship with our design section through technical exchange.
Assembly for Aircraft component
Supply of our parts and products for assembly to various
fields, including aircraft field. This proves how high our assembly precision is, that is as high as our machining technology. We can support the realization of new mechanisms and concepts.

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  ISO   Reliability Test
  We have documented all our efforts for quality assurance and obtained certification for quality assurance systems set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We also strive to make social contributions in the field of environmental conservation.  
Durability testing machine
We multilaterally verify the product reliability, including the durability and aging over long-time, continuous use and the influence of external troubles, to ensure safe use of our products.

  3D Measurement    
Using 3D measuring instruments, we check our machining precision and assembly precision, aiming at more stable
product quality. We can completely satisfy severe needs,
such as downsizing.

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  Decreasing Production time and Labor cost with Automated Machines and robots   TPM
By active introduction of FMS and machining robots, we have
succeeded in substantial labor saving. Needless to say the realization of cost reduction, we can afford to apply the saved labors to more creative work.
  All our employees practice autonomous maintenance and improvement. This forms the basis for total productive maintenance (TPM), which initiates reforms of the corporation to develop new systems which adequately meet the changing demands of the economy.

  FMS   Overseas Parts Providing
From material acceptance to machining, we are promoting the flexible automation at our production sites. Our excellent control system can flexibly cover from mass production aiming at stream lined flow to individual production aiming at higher precision.
  We give technical instructions to our business partners through our factories in Taiwan and Shanghai to ensure the provision of qualified components with high efficiency in enhancing global purchasing. We aim to expand our scope to enhance the efficiency and globalization in our purchases.

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